So here's the synopsis :)

It is the 741st year following the Great Migration. Nearly fifty years have passed since the great Battle of the Bayvaardon Pass.
    On the western shores of the Deon Empire, Harin Oudek discovers a dying man at the base of the cliffs supporting the mighty city of Khohodym.
    The man is a Neleyon Nayrldosh, a wielder of legendary powers. He bestows upon Harin a strange device and memories of a woman whom he beseeches Harin to find and rescue from an ambiguous threat.
    Hastening to fulfill the Neleyon’s request, Harin hires a ship to take him and his daughter, Elsira, to the Pefrayo Archipelago to inquire of Taylin Denlon, the ancient Nalp Melhk-Nayrldosh.
    But, in anticipation of the threat that the Neleyon’s memories suggested, Harin first seeks out a notorious warrior, Rimmegoan Dayor. . .

Considering that this is inundated with terms and names that look like they'd be barely pronounceable, I'm planning at some point to see if I can put together something like this that is a little more friendly to a wider audience. (I'm running on the assumption that - like me - the people who would be interested in this kind of book wouldn't be completely thrown off by the 'odd' words)

Feel free to comment with suggestions :)

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Kate said...

Yay!! I think it's great. ;)