Warrior's Fury Cover

I have a friend who had asked if I could try to have the release date for Warrior's Fury be on her birthday . . . unfortunately I was unable to do that :(

So, instead, I'm posting the art for the cover of the book :)

Happy Birthday, Savanah!

the full, wraparound cover for Warrior's Fury ~ by JW

The image above is the full cover, so the right side will be the front and the left side will be the back...
(From Left to Right: the Ouhlktoo - top - and Ehdrihko... Taylin and Ondran - way back in the distance... then Rim and Elsira... and Harin - crouching in the bottom right corner :)

And this next image is the completed front cover :)

The front cover of Warrior's Fury
 (the Title may end up being bigger, though)

We're aiming to have it available late in August, so keep your eyes peeled! ;P :D


Kate said...

That's one splendid cover! :)

-Happy Birthday Savanah!!-

(And to anyone else who reads this comment. . . . Warrior's Fury is a fantastic book! :)


Hazel West said...

The cover looks really good, I'm interested in hearing more about your book. Did you do the art yourself?

J D White said...

Thanks ;P :)

Hazel West,
If you haven't seen them already, you can go to the Archive: I posted a couple sample chapters and 'synopses' last month (a variation of the synopsis I posted on the 4th of this month will be on the back cover)... ;)

And thanks, I actually did 'paint' the cover myself (in Adobe Photoshop) :)

~ J D White

P.S. Your book, 'On a Foreign Field,' sounds interesting... especially considering I'm in the middle of 'The Scottish Chiefs' by Jane Porter ;P :)

Hazel West said...

I'll have to take a look at your excerpts. I have a list of people's excerpts I want to read, but I've been so busy on my own book right now ;)

Ah, I liked "The Scottish Chiefs" quite a bit. Not my favorite Wallace novel, but a good one. It's been several years since I read it. I have an excerpt of my book posted as a link on my blog or on my Goodreads page if you'd like to read that as well :)