Random Update

Well, I haven't been too diligent about posting - life being what it is ;P :] - but I'm hoping to have a weekly post for several consecutive weeks (at least) starting late September or early November :] . . . (and I'm saying that here so I'll have even more of an incentive to actually finish the stuff I've been working on in a timely fashion ;P ;)

I'm still working on getting Warrior's Fury available for the Nook and other eReaders . . . But unfortunately that and the publication of The Kassul is being pushed back and may not be available until as late as December :/

Hope anyone who finds this has had a great weekend :)

~ J D White
(Psalm 115:1, Psalm 117, Psalm 69:30)


FREE eBook

Heyo all, :D

If you're a Kindle reader, or you have the kindle app for your non-Amazon tablet, you may be interested to know that Warrior's Fury will be FREE to download today and tomorrow! . . . Just click the book cover at the bottom of this post or on the sidebar to go to the link at Amazon.com :)

 Don't know what Warrior's Fury is? CLICK HERE to go to a page with the back cover synopsis and some links to excerpts, concept art, and some 'other info.' (also, there's a pretty good map on that page ;P :) . . . Also, if you do get the book and end up really liking it (or really hating it) I'd love to hear from you! (Just a comment from you on this blog would be great - but a review on Amazon.com or goodreads.com would be cool, too ;P ;)

Oh, and here's a short 'blurb' for the book (written by my good friend, Kate):
   Travel to the Realm of Ivarun and join Harin, Rim, Elsira, and Zeegan on an unforgettable adventure...
     Harin has found a mysterious map, and battle-hardened Rim is only interested in the pay when Harin and his daughter Elsira hire him to protect them on a voyage across the Barren Ocean. Little does Rim know that the journey ahead will change him forever...

Hope you have a great day :D

If the image link isn't working, CLICK HERE to get to the FREE eBook :]