Art from Friends

As I'm sure you can imagine, going to an art school/college presents one with lots of opportunities in the area of illustrations... So I thought I'd post some of the art that friends of mine have done based off things I've shown them or described to them :)
~ This epic digital painting, done by Maria, is an almost perfect representation of a Taygrit :D

Hmm... I was planning on posting something else, but I'm experiencing some technical difficulties :P . . . look for Part Two later :)


Concept Art: Harin

~ I've only got the one Photoshop painting of Harin Oudek today...
(I had a reference for this one..)
Harin is responsible for much of what takes place in Warrior's Fury - at least as far as getting important events started goes - and he is missing his right hand . . . and I just realized that both in this picture and on the cover of the book, I have illustrated him with blond hair, when in the book I describe him as having dark brown hair... :P  oh well, I just spent over five hours on this (to say nothing of the cover already being in use), so I'm just going to leave it for now :)


Tomorrow at the Tualatin Public Library

Tomorrow (September 11) from 7-8pm, I will be at the Tualatin Public Library for a NWPA Meeting and I will have copies of Warrior's Fury that I will be selling for $17.95 after the meeting.

For those who may be interested but are not sure of the location: 18878 SW Martinazzi Avenue, Tualatin, OR 97062

Thank you :)

P.S. I'll actually be arriving at the library at 6pm. For anyone who would rather get a copy of the book earlier in the evening. And I'll be signing books for those who want a 'signed by the author' copy ;P :)


Random Notes

I'm planning on trying to get up some more art soon, but it's gotten a little slow with MSOA's Fall Term starting this week, so I'm not sure when that will be...

As far as writing stuff goes, there are actually a few things that I'm hoping to post this month . . . And one may be a sneak peak at my latest book project ;)

Anyway, I haven't posted anything (that wasn't scheduled a month ago ;P ) in a while, so I thought I'd give a 'heads-up' to anyone paying attention :)

Thank you