Good for a Laugh (Hopefully)

I wrote this back in 2008 for a writing class I took. . .

It was thrown together in about two hours so it was never properly 'edited,' but I thought it might at least be good for a smirk ;P

I hope you enjoy it :)

Have a Ball

Written by J D White
April 17, 2008

The bright red sphere came out of nowhere.
     Max was turning his head towards the sound of a yell, when all of a sudden a shiny red ball smacked him clean in the face.
     Enough force was behind the impact that he fell backwards off the branch he was sitting on. He gave a cry of pain when his back came in contact with the hard earth beneath the branches of the large tree.
     Springing quickly to his feet, Max looked around quickly and caught sight of the obnoxiously bright, red ball.
     Making an irritated noise he hurried after his assailant as it bounced away from him.
     Once he caught up to it he snatched it up with both hands and tossed it over his head.
     Max immediately started to wonder if this hadn’t been a mistake when he heard the ball bounce off of something behind him. Knowing that he was probably making another, Max turned around to see what he had hit and was rewarded with the sight of a red blur coming at his face. . .
     And before he knew it he was on his back again with a numb nose.
     Making an angry sound he jumped to his feet and chased after the infuriating bright red ball.
     This time when he caught it he tucked it under his arm and walked over to a pile of large rocks next to a little stream. He found a slight circular dip on one of the larger rocks and set the ball carefully in it.
     Waiting a moment to make sure it would not move, Max glanced around and caught sight of a rock the same size as the ball. Grinning mischievously he picked up the rock, held it over his head, and smashed it down onto the bouncy ball.
     The moment the rock landed on top of the ball it shot out from under the stone and into Max’s stomach, picking him up and propelling him into the air.
     Finding himself once again on his back Max turned his head and looked through the blurring pain in his eyes to find the bright red ball bouncing gently beside him.
     As it bobbed up and down next to him it portrayed a look of innocence that instantly got Max’s blood boiling.
     Lashing out at it he smacked the ball out of his sight and almost instantly heard it rebound off of the nearby wall. And before he could do anything about it he felt it smack into the top of his head.
     Unable to contain it any longer, Max let out a scream of fury and leaped to his feet. Taking hold of the ball before it got away he squeezed with all his might between his hands and bit into its rubbery surface.
     After a few seconds of hopping around in a rage as he chewed on and squeezed the infuriating ball, he suddenly became aware of a low whistling sound.
     Realizing that the sound was coming from the ball, Max quickly yanked it away from his face; fearful that he might have angered it.
     But as he held it at arms length it only began to shrink and flatten in his grasp. After a moment the ball was completely deflated and hanging limp in Max’s hands.
     He stared open mouthed at the ball he had just broken and was not quite sure what he was feeling at that moment.
     Then he heard a sniffle from in front of him and looked up between two bars into the baleful eyes of a little boy. “That was mine.” The little boy stated to the chimpanzee staring out at him through the bars of his cage in the Oregon Zoo.

I'd like to know if this at least makes someone smile ;P


Kate said...

*smile* ;)

Drew Cernava said...

This made me sad! The ball died. Then I learned that Max was a chimpanzee and I smiled.