Meal: Unforgettable

I was going through my collection of old writing assignments again and dug up this interesting piece that was brought about by having to describe a meal without ever mentioning a taste. . . My teacher's exact words were:
"I really don't know from what depths of randomosity you pull these things, but you have a marvelous imagination."
I hope your opinion is half that positive ;P :)

Meal: Unforgettable

J D White

The smell is awful. Fire arcs up into my brain through my complaining nostrils.
    My vision blurs as a plate is placed on the table before me. Through the constant rush of tears brought on by the horrific stench incinerating my olfactory nerves, I look down to inspect the plate’s contents.
    A wash of appalling colors nearly overload my optical nerves, joining the horrendous odors in their assault on my brain. Fighting past the initial shock, I force myself to observe the supposed “food” more closely.
    A bubbling, sickly yellow sludge with neon pink sprinkles oozes about one corner. Several black, purplish-turquoise striped rectangles are stacked to one side, a bright brown slime oozing out from between them. Piled high on the rest of the plate is a steaming, moving mass of bright orange and blue stringy substance.
    I pick up my fork and push a fist against my lips to hold back a gag. Pressing the fork into the rectangles, I find they are hard and flaky. They crunch under the pressure of the utensil as I cut them in half. The brown slime squelches out from between them. I stab one of the pieces then dip it in the bubbling yellow ooze.
    The ooze, unwilling to let go of either, stretches between my fork and the plate as I pull it away. I hold my breath before bringing the fork to my mouth.
    Then I take a bite. . .

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but the writer was unable to finish this story. He is currently at Odd Ailments Hospital in a comatose state. . .

Yup, pretty crazy, huh?

My friend (who agreed to do a quick check on this for any grammar/spelling mistakes before I posted it) said:
"Ohhh-KAY then. Wow.  This is . . . um . . . hilarious? . . . disgusting? . . . I’m not really sure.  Was this out of a dream or something?"
Then she added this to the end of it:
"SECOND EDITOR’S NOTE: The writer should be in Crazy-Person Therapy for actually trying to EAT the stuff. . .  just sayin’. . . . ;P :)"


Joan Ark said...

Wow, very creative. I love the ending. It inspires me with my own description and creativity.

J D White said...

Thanks, Joan Ark, I'm glad you liked it.

And keep up the good work on your blog "A Writer's Nakama!" ;)