The Promise of Leviticus 14:35

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This post is going to be a tough one. The Church in our day really doesn't understand how to reckon with and activate the spirit I'm about to reveal to you from God. And I haven't fully appropriated this yet, so I need this message too - but I want us to realize and live in our victorious position.
My wife and I struggled against mold in every apartment we'd ever lived in since we were married. And I was slowly getting the revelation in my soul that it was a weapon The Enemy had used to steal plants from my wife that I'd give her on special occasions. But - Haleluiah! - one day, after struggling with the mold and getting so frustrated I cried out to God, my wife said something by the Spirit that Awakened what God had been working in my soul!
Right then and there we stood and said "NO!" to that spirit of mold! We stood on Leviticus 14:35 and declared that we had a High Priest in the heavenlies who would make our house clean. And we prayed to Satan and demanded he leave our family alone.
Our house belongs to God after all - and it was our responsibility and sacred duty to make our home a sanctuary!
I know this doesn't make sense in the natural realm, but that's why you've got to get the revelation of it in the Spiritual Realm! Because if you don't the demon of mold will walk all over you!
Maybe you have started to grasp this truth before. But then summer came and you got lazy - so when winter came back around you were wide open for attack from The Enemy! Let me encourage you to stand in the gap! Don't be ignorant of The Enemies devices!

Stand on the promises of Leviticus 14:33-57 about mold in the house of God! Read those words over and over and over and over and over and over again until you get the revelation of what they mean for your life! Don't let the devil use reason to take that promise of mold-free living away from you!

NOTE: In case you're confused, this post was entirely satirical. And here's a comic I did a few weeks ago that drives the point home even more bluntly.


New Blog

So I've begun a new blog where I have started posting more serious and theologically oriented writing... I may revisit this blog again when I return to my fantasy writing, but for now my current writing can be found here: https://jdwhite.wordpress.com

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Luke's Lemonade Stand

I have the privilege of knowing this family (from the link above) and wanted to share what God has been so graciously providing for them through their eldest son.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Galatians 6:10, Psalm 20, and Psalm 117

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