Goodbye For Now

So - life being what it is - I'll be taking a break from blogging (and 'internet' in general ;P :) for a while. . .

Here are a few links if you come across this blog and become interested in some of my stuff while I'm gone :]

My goodreads profile

My wattpad page - where you can read some of my other stuff :]

A link to the ebook version of Warrior's Fury

...And I think that's about it. . . . Feel free to leave comments or email me through the address I've given at the bottom of the Warrior's Fury tab up in the menu bar - I should still be able to get to those if necessary ;)

Thank you,

May the Lord bless you,
~ J D White

P.S. The Kindle version of Warrior's Fury will be free from November 15nth - 19nth

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