An Interesting Find

A friend of mine, Raquel, posted something about an acquaintance of hers that I thought would be worth sharing. . . Click Here to visit the post.

Her comments on Josh sparked my interest, and so I visited his blog and could not help but admire the last posts: To Surrender a Precious Dream, and What it Means to be a Man

A Prayer:
             LORD, thank you for the testimony of Joshua Eddy. Thank you for touching so many through his life. I ask that You continue to bless and uplift his family and friends, that they may continue to find abundant Joy in You, Father.
             And thank you, dear God, for the gentle reminder that anything short of Complete and Total Surrender - is utter insanity and a waste of the life You have so graciously given.
             In the precious name of Jesus Christ, I pray,  Amen. . .

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