Concept Art: Zeegan

As I've been writing Warrior's Fury I've done my best to sketch out what some of the main characters look like.

I'm not absolutely sure 'concept art' would really fit some of the stuff I'm about to show you - but I haven't quite reached the point of being able to draw or paint the character(s) in a way that is satisfying enough not to consider that it's not just a 'concept' of what the character looks like.

Anyway, I thought you would like to see something close to what I'm picturing in my head.

So, Zeegan is an Eekyde Quyd, essentially just a member of a 'branch' of the Quyd Race.
Here is my original sketch for the average Quyd~

You may already have guessed, but I roughly based their faces off of a porcupine.

Once I had the basic idea on paper, I tried my hand at Zeegan himself~

Obviously he isn't purple :P
and that is why he is categorized as 'Eekyde' (i.e. 'set apart' or 'outside the norm').

And more recently I quickly sketched this portrait of Zeegan~

Then decided to color it in Photoshop~

And (at the risk of boring you) here are a few of the slightly different versions of the last one.
(on the far right it's just the glowing 'nayrlkolth' in his hand that is different, and the two center ones have different textured shirts...
you can see the texture difference better if you click on the image ;P )

(Random NOTE: Photoshop 'rocks' ;)

Definitely let me know what you think. :)
 . . . Oh, and if you haven't already, you can read a bit about this character Here ;)

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