Concept Art: Gree'uhk

I've been encouraged by several friends to get more illustrations up on my blog, since there won't be any in the book. I am planning on drawing out a map that will at least cover the places traveled in Warrior's Fury...

For now, here's some art for the Race that Ayom (a character in Warrior's Fury) is a member of...

~This is the first full sketch of a Gree'uhk that I did.
(The medium is Pen'n'Ink)
~And this is a Photoshop 'painting' :)

Gree'uhk are essentially just a 'branch' of the Melntayjj Race, however, the differences between the two (mainly the Gree'uhk's wings) are enough that they are usually considered distinct by the other Races. Also (and this is a bit of history I will expound on later), the Melntayjj disowned the Gree'uhk several years after the Great Migration, which caused the 'cultural' skew between the two that helped along the other Races perception of the gap between them...

Anyway, Ayom isn't a very important character (and he doesn't have a giant sword)  in Warrior's Fury but he's definitely among the 'cooler'-looking characters in the book ;P

Let me know what you think! :)

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Joan Ark said...

Love this character and art work.