Concept Art: Harin

~ I've only got the one Photoshop painting of Harin Oudek today...
(I had a reference for this one..)
Harin is responsible for much of what takes place in Warrior's Fury - at least as far as getting important events started goes - and he is missing his right hand . . . and I just realized that both in this picture and on the cover of the book, I have illustrated him with blond hair, when in the book I describe him as having dark brown hair... :P  oh well, I just spent over five hours on this (to say nothing of the cover already being in use), so I'm just going to leave it for now :)


Kate said...

Really well done. The eyes are so cool :)

Who will you do next?


J D White said...

Thank you :)

I'm not sure yet. It may end up being a 'shot' from a scene in the book... ;)

Kate said...

Ooh, yes, do!! That would be really neat. :)