A Map

Okay, this is seriously late in coming, but I was able to throw together this map yesterday and thought it'd be better to post than having nothing . . . But I am still planning on doing a world map :)

The dotted line is the route the Giou-Zeeganzy took to get from the harbors of Khohodym, to Tonnon, to the island of the Great Pillar.

But, like I said, this still has a lot of work that needs doing. I want to include Ehtondym to the north of Khohodym (along with quite a few other markers that need to go on the ocean as well as Melyund) and a compass. . . I'll get to it eventually (maybe not soon though). . . . .

Let me know what you think! :)
~ J D White


Kate said...

That looks so cool :)

Joan Ark said...

Love the whole look and the islands are amazing.

Madison Dusome said...

Followed you here from Google+; this looks great! I'd be very interested in learning how you did it!

J D White said...

I basically started with a blank Photoshop file. Created a layer for the line drawing of the continent and the islands (used text in different layers for the names).
And then I made a couple of new layers and started adding different colors at different levels of opacity to get the main color - then I switched to a brush and used a darker color over the edges and used the 'smudge' tool to soften them...

Hope that helps a little :)