Concept Art: Rim - Improved

So, I kept looking at the illustration I did of Rim (the main character of Warrior's Fury), and could not escape that infamous, 'artist' thought: "that doesn't look even close to what I wanted!" ;P ;)

Well, I finally gave in and did some 'improving' to the original illustration. Though it still isn't 'fantastic' by my reckoning, I do think it is far more better than the original :] . . . If nothing else, the color composition is a little better ;P

~ Rimmegoan Dayor
Oh, and in the process of going through the Photoshop layers to figure out how I was going to make the changes I wanted to - I found this and just thought it looked 'cool' :P xD

~ Rim in line drawing with some color ;P :]
Hope you like the improved illustration! :D


Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing work! I've never done very much with digital drawing, but the little that I have done, has renewed my appreciation and awe of those who can! It looks really good, and it's always fun to see the progress, in any work, I think. Keep it up! :D

Anonymous said...
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J D White said...

Thanks! :D
Yeah, digital painting can be real tough depending on what you want (and the pad that you have) - and I agree that it's fun to see the progress of someones work :)

(P.S. the 'deleted comment' above this one was a copy of gracierb.blogspot.com's comment above ;P ;)