Art from Friends, Part 4

Recently I was able to attain some more concept paintings (digital) from +Maria Owens, a friend of mine who is far better at art than I...

This is the result of my describing an Ouhlktoo to her:

She originally did a sketch similar to this on paper as I described the creature's head to her . . . then she came back to me a couple of weeks later with this digital version xD

Then she moved into a full creature sketch :]
I think she captured the potentially sinister nature of the Ouhlktoo perfectly. And I can totally see a creature sixteen feet tall having a wingspan of that size (anyone who knows bird anatomy and stuff like that feel free to correct my ignorance ;) . . . also, I really like the way she got the antlers to fit on its head - I've tried to sketch this thing dozens of times and could never quite get it to look right, even with some references to work from :P :]

I am amazed, impressed, and inspired by her attention to anatomy even though it's just a made up critter :)
And then she surprised me with a really epic, full size, rendered version!!! xD


Great stuff, right? Much gratitude to +Maria Owens  for her generous contribution to my odd ideas ;P :]


Jessiqua Wittman said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with this one! Interesting!

J D White said...

Yup, Maria is really a fantastic artist - though she specializes in illustrations :)