The Synopsis: Second Attempt

This is the new synopsis I came up with in an attempt to have one that would not inundate the reader with new terms, names, and places that looked barely pronounceable ;P

For the name of a Nanhew to be known in every region of Melyund – as well as several other continents in the northern hemisphere of Arn – is no small achievement in and of itself. And that Nanhew being infamous for belligerence and incredible feats of prowess in battle is nothing short of legend-worthy.
Rimmegoan Dayor is considered to be the greatest warrior-for-hire north of the Baershksh Wall, and the stories surrounding him are matched only by such legends as Worik the Myrlhy, and Dhaeg’n Tandor the Slayer.
But all of the stories known of Rim thus far will pale in comparison to the challenges he must face when an eccentric old man, Harin Oudek, hires Rim as a body-guard and takes him to a formerly uncharted island in the Barren Ocean of Arn.
Against a myriad of foes, Rim’s strength and skill will be tested unlike they have ever been before as Harin attempts to point him away from the path of fury that has guided his entire life. . .

I would seriously appreciate any suggestions or comments anyone has on this . . . even if you just say that you 'like it' or 'don't like it' :)

Click Here to see the first synopsis I wrote for Warrior's Fury. I'd be grateful for opinions on that one as well :)

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